Holiday Reading

For as long as I can remember I have been brought up to love books.  I was blessed with parents who loved  to read and who passed that love on to their children.   On leaving school my first jobs were in libraries and Christian bookshops.  I cannot imagine a world without books.   Through many years […]

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Saturday Night Reflection for Preachers

“Unless he has spent the week with God and received Divine communications, it would be better not to enter the pulpit or open his mouth on Sunday at all….A ministry of growing power must be one of growing experience….Power for work like ours is only to be acquired in secret….The hearers may not know why […]

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Pulpit Plagiarism?

I have a suspicion that this post could prove somewhat contentious, but here goes. While surfing some sites I keep an eye on I came across one where you can download (for a small price) the full transcript of sermons by “some of today’s most respected preachers”.   There is even a page of advice on […]

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