How To Create A Budget That Actually Works

Budgets fail for several reasons: Your current budget worksheet lacks accuracy, Your future budget goals are unrealistic/unattainable, and/or You are not sticking to the budgeting goals you have set for yourself. In order to take control of your finances, you have to be in control of your budget. Let’s dive right into how to make […]

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8 Money Saving Habits Of The Wealthy

Anyone can be rich but in order to be truly wealthy, one has to adopt good Money Saving habits.   Here’s a little pop quiz for you.  Let’s say Stella makes $500,000 a year but has nothing saved and is in massive debt.  Now, let’s say David makes the same amount but has $2,000,000 saved with zero debt. Which […]

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How To Budget Backwards: The Ultimate Guide

Knowing how to budget is ESSENTIAL to living within your means.  There is usually one common denominator I see amongst those struggling financially.  They don’t know how to budget. When you’re not feeling well, especially over a period of time, you go to a doctor to figure out what’s causing your symptoms.  The goal is to treat the […]

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